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As a cradle Catholic I attended a Catholic schools where I learned of the love of Jesus Christ and the salvation he offers through his suffering on the cross.

But upon entering the secular world and was surrounded by “Christians” who not only held beliefs contrary to my own, but vehemently attacked my faith. I didn’t know that “Christians” meet Sundays and Wednesdays for Bible study – covering topics like “Why Catholics are wrong” and asserting that Catholics don’t read the “real” Bible.

We never studied other Cristian faiths. The Reformation was a historical topic rather than religious.  We never learned that the Catholic Church assembled the Bible, or that Protestant factions removed 5-books from the Old Testament around the 16th Century.

I knew when to sit, stand, kneel and what prayers to recite – but I didn’t realize that each part of the Mass is directly linked to the Bible.

Basically, I couldn’t defend my faith. These Conferences have taught me a lot about my faith and inspired me to spread the Good News.

Thanks and keep up the good work.


I attended the 2013 conference, and it was so rewarding for me that I invited three of my family to go with me to the 2014 conference.

One of the fruits of the conference became obvious the following Sunday at Mass. My brother in law has been attending Mass with my sister for sometime, but never received the Eucharist. Since their son was killed in an accident in ’95, he’s been indifferent toward God and the Church. I was surprised, when I asked him to go to the conference, that he agreed. The following Sunday, he and my sister sat in the pew behind us, close to the front of Church. At Communion time, I went to Communion and on the way back to my seat, I noticed that my brother in law was not in his seat. I thought that he had stepped out to use the restroom and continued to my seat. I got to my place and noticed that he had gone to Communion and was returning to his seat. Several of our family have been praying for them since their loss and when I saw that something had changed for him, I couldn’t hold back the tears. It was such a joy filled blessing that even after the dismissal, I couldn’t get myself together enough to even talk. I was still in my seat after the church cleared and a fiend came over and asked me if I was ok, all I could blubber out was “he went to Communion”.

I’m sure that there are many “moments” that have happened from the experience of the Men’s Conference, but I wanted to let you know of one of them. Thank you and all that helped make this available for the Holy Spirit to work in our lives and in the Catholic Church.

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