Catholic Men's Conference of Western Kentucky … join us in the quest to enrich our faith

Parish Rep script

Here is a generic script you can use or modify in your own words.
The important part is getting the word-out to all the guys in the Diocese.

Contact Randy Clemens if you’re interested in helping with this ministry.
(270) three one six – 5067      or      randy at trophyhouseusa dot com

** Script **

My name is ______________, and I am a parishioner at __________.  I would like to invite all men in the parish to attend an event that will provide you a wonderful opportunity to renew and enrich your Catholic faith.  I invite you to the Catholic Men’s Conference of Western Kentucky, which will take place Saturday, February 17th, 2018 at the RiverPark Center located in Owensboro at 101 Daviess Street.


The conference will address the subject of how to live your life as a Catholic man.  You will hear from nationally renowned and dynamic Catholic speakers, Christopher West, the most recognized teacher of John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body” and  Doug Barry, the former co-host of EWTN’s ‘Life on the Rock.’


The sacrament of Reconciliation will also be available.  The conference will conclude with Mass celebrated by Bishop Medley, which fulfills your Sunday obligation.  There is more information at our website, which is


The conference is open to men who are high school seniors or older.  The cost is $30 for adults and $15 for students, and it includes lunch.


I encourage you to come with your father, sons, brothers or friends and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to enrich your faith and possibly change your life if you let it.  If you cannot attend the entire conference, I encourage you to attend that part when you are available. 


We ask that you please register as early as possible.  One reason for this is that we must order lunches for all attendees and need to order them before the day of the conference.  Please do not wait until the day before or the day of the event to register.


There are brochures in the pews and in the back of many churches in the Diocese of Owensboro, but there is more information and ticketing on the website,


Thank you, may God bless you, and I hope to see you at the conference.





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